Insulation Valve Jackets

Valve jackets are specially designed to make periodic visits and services and also the maintenance of valves and flanges possible without causing any damage to the insulation system. They are completely compatible with the geometry and shape of the valves meanwhile can be fastened or removed quickly and easily during required inspections or repair without any need to stop the production line or cut off the flow of the fluid.

Insulating Jackets are commonly made of a fiberglass fabric, a silicone layer, and sufficient amount of insulating fillers. In order to increase the efficiency of heat insulation for special high-temperature applications, the filler can be exchanged with a stronger or thicker one and this way the working temperature can be raised as high as 1200 °C. Also, the threads used for sewing the fabrics are special high-temperature-threads that can endure the same amount of heat. Jacket insulators are secured in place by simple fasteners such as Hook-and-loop fasteners, push buttons or straps.

These insulators both prevent energy loss, by reducing the surface temperature of valves and joints, and create a safe environment for staff, by eliminating sharp corners in the workplace and so reducing the risk of burns and injuries. Due to the constant need for periodic inspections and maintenance of pipes, fittings, steam valves, etc., usage of this method of insulation is significantly increased.

These jacket insulators are mainly used for insulating valves (butterfly valves, control valves, gate valves, plug valves and pressure-reducing valves), flanges, power plant’s turbines, pipeline fittings, pumps, vents and manifolds in oil and gas processing industry, hot water and steam lines, Military establishments, refineries and gas processing and petrochemical plants.