Fabric Expansion Joint

Fabric expansion joints are a type of fittings with high flexibility and therefore are more desirable than other fittings. These lateral fabric expansion joints move easily in different directions without getting damaged. Also, this type of expansion joints can significantly reduce vibration, sound of the device and also heat loss.

The number of layers and the material used in fabrication of this product are designed and selected according to the temperature range and other needs. It can be produced as a layer of fireproof fabric covering several layers of insulation, or several layers of fireproof fabric with an inner layer of stainless steel mesh which improves the final product’s mechanical properties. This product can be used for working temperatures above 1100 °C.

Fabric expansion joints are prepared in several pieces, then the pieces will be sewn, stapled or glued in place. This type of connection is put to use to compensate for expansion and contraction caused by heating ducts and cooling pipes. These fabric expansion joints are widely used in places exposed to gases produced during combustion, hot air or Liquid, and other corrosive or abrasive materials.

Due to high fluid corrosion resistance, low replacement costs and possibility of designing in complex shapes, this product can be used in all thermal process based facilities including oil and gas industryelectricity power plantswaste incineration plantsgas-turbine power plantschemical and petrochemical industriescement industrymetallurgy and smelting and other ferrous and non-ferrous industries and also in places such as vibrating plates and conveyorsexhaust gas cleaning systems and so on.